About Us

ALLEN SPECIALTY PRODUCTS has been providing various Philippine industries with a specialized range of chemicals and services since 1982. Started as a trading company supplying specialty chemicals for the Textile Manufacturing and Processing Industry, ALLEN has then expanded its offerings to other industries such as the Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Inks, Paint & Pigment industries.


The company eventually added specialty lubricants, greases and oils from Germany and Japan that cater to heavy industrial businesses such as Cement Manufacturing, Mining, Minerals and Metals processing. The company also offers critical pumping solutions for Wastewater, Paints and Chemical Processing Industries. As part of its commitment to provide high quality products, ALLEN also provides vital technical services necessary for producing high quality products.


ALLEN now carries several other product lines including automotive and industrial power solutions; fragrances for the perfumery, personal care and fabric care markets; high quality Expanded PTFE Sheet Gaskets and E-PTFE pump shaft packaging materials; metal working tools for the Metal Working Industry; Special Engineering Adhesives used in the Electronics Industry; and wastewater, odor control, and bio-augmentation products for the Food Processing, Household, Industrial, and Petrochemical Industries.


Together with its more than 50 employees, ALLEN is committed to quality, reliability, and dynamic products and solutions for the markets it serves. ALLEN’s products pass through strict quality control measures to assure its products conform to consumers’ demands and various regulatory agencies. It has been in the industry for more than 25 years and is a preferred partner by reputable companies in the country.